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Springer Healthcare Communications
Providing innovative solutions to engage and educate your target audience

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Springer Healthcare Communications
Providing innovative solutions to engage and educate your target audience

Our Communications team develop tactical solutions to meet strategic needs across a product’s lifespan. Our strength lies in customizing premium scientific content that educates and engages the healthcare community. Our approach combines engaging clinical content and intuitive design strategies, to deliver dependable solutions to increase communication to healthcare communities.

Capabilities include:

  • Custom publications solutions
  • Innovative digital solutions
  • Clinical case studies
  • Regional meeting management
  • Promotional medical education

Springer Healthcare Communications
Custom publication solutions

Drawing upon our long-standing expertise and experience in medical publishing, and our trusted standing among international thought leaders, Springer Healthcare Communications develops tailored, yet independent publications that convey serious, educational content in a quick-reference format. Our publications are authored and edited by international thought leaders with instant name recognition who lend authority to the content.

Our customized publication solutions include:

Clinical guides

Springer Healthcare Communications recognizes that textbooks are often cumbersome and readily available books can be off the mark or outdated. We therefore produce concise pocket guides, appropriately targeted toward specific healthcare providers, that incorporate the latest clinical evidence and guidelines. These comprehensive aids for day-to-day clinical practice cover etiology, diagnosis and optimal disease management.


Essentials in Pathogenesis

With a growing presence of targeted agents in the market, it is becoming increasingly necessary for healthcare professionals to familiarize themselves with complicated immunological and molecular pathways in order to understand the appropriate adoption of these drugs in the market. The Springer Healthcare Communications Essentials booklets have been specifically designed to convey these high-level scientific pathways in a concise easily digestible format.


Expert approaches bulletins

Our bulletin series recognizes that your messaging and educational needs are ever-evolving. Released on a regular basis, or as a stand-alone initiative, these brief bulletins provide timely expert discussions of your latest product message, clinical trial data, or instructional clinical scenarios.


Springer Healthcare Communications
Innovative digital solutions

Electronic tools have become a vital element of physician education. Springer Healthcare Communications appreciates that the demands and expectations of audiences utilizing information electronically differ from those accessing information through conventional print resources. Our medical writers, editors, and designers are vastly skilled and experienced in developing programs that not only captures attention, but is formatted and presented in a manner that is engaging and familiar to the audience.

By combining clinical know-how (insights) with state-of-the-art electronic platforms, Springer Healthcare Communications creates intuitive custom programs that meet your audience’s educational needs, from web-based HCP education to clinical point-of-care apps. Our websites are fully mobile compatible, and our apps are device agnostic, so you can be comfortable knowing that your digital investments can reach the widest audience, even when they’re on the go.

Our customized digital solutions include:

Diagnostic algorithms

Medicine is a visual science, these image based, interactive algorithms use intuitive design to lead the healthcare professional through differential steps to reach a diagnostic conclusion.

Interactive clinical guidelines

Our interactive guidelines app creates a practical point-of-care tool from any major published guideline by simplifying the content into a series of interactive decision-making steps that allow the healthcare professional to reach their clinical conclusions swiftly.

eLearning platforms

We provide strategically sound content aligned with a product’s key messages and clinical data in a fully interactive experience that engages the target audience in the learning process. Our self-paced program enables continuous access to content from anywhere and at any time via online or mobile, and offers comprehensive reporting of users’ profiles, learning activities, and topics of interest.

Springer Healthcare Communications
Clinical case studies

Springer Healthcare Communications employs an expert led case study approach, whereby we work closely with a leader in the field to identify appropriate, relevant cases with validated patient profiles. Our electronic case study platform introduces interactive elements throughout, including multiple-choice questions, to encourage the audience to follow the diagnostic and treatment decision-making processes.

Springer Healthcare Communications
Conference coverage

With growing constraints on conference attendance, it is becoming increasingly necessary to bring the developments and highlights of a conference directly to the healthcare community. Springer Healthcare Communications excels in providing on-site reporting direct from global and local medical conferences, providing in-depth, insightful and targeted coverage of all session types to give a complete overview of the conference. 

The elements in our conference coverage package are designed to complement each other, allowing the healthcare professional to find out exactly what they need in an accessible and easily digestible format.

Our various reporting media, all published within 24 hours, include:

Congress reports

In-depth reports focusing on key therapeutic topics from a conference and featuring interview quotes from attending thought leaders.

News reports

Brief reports highlighting the key results from a specific presented abstract and written by members of our in-house news bureau, who are experienced in adding substance into their reports.

Video highlights

Brief interviews discussing the implications of a clinical trial result or key development. These videos frequently utilize a peer-to-peer format to ensure fluid high-level discussions regarding the clinical impact of the data.

The elements in our conference coverage package are designed to complement each other, allowing the healthcare professional to find out exactly what they need in an accessible and easily digestible format.

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